Introducing Aerotime

Piyush Narwani
January 27, 2021

Aerotime is born out of a mission to help everyone achieve a state of flow, every day.

A state of flow, is a sense of your body and mind where you're completely absorbed in something with full involvement and joy. Your actions and emotions sync to create an effortless momentum and you become one with the task at hand - you're in the zone!

Unfortunately in today's world where it is so easy to get distracted, we are not able to commit to any major task at hand with the effectiveness that we want to. This makes our work suffer - we don't even realize where the time goes in work hours and then we end up working late and with no fault of our own, delaying the timelines. This leads to frustration and sadness with the added ripple effects coming to your personal life and personal goals as well.

The worst part is, we know this is happening and still somehow our strategies to solve haven't turned out to be that effective (at least ours didn't).

We believe there are two parts to this problem - internal clarity and external distractions.

While apps like Headspace and Calm help in achieving a state of flow internally, Aerotime makes it easy to effectively manage time by removing external distractions and helping you prioritize important over urgent.

A State of Flow in Workplace

We're starting with solving this problem for workplaces because that's where we spend most of our time, and has maximum impact on our joy (because of ripple effects we discussed above).

So what are the key reasons where employees are not able to effectively manage time at work?

Spread Out Meetings

Depending on your job, context switch caused by meetings never let you commit to a big task at hand. When you have 30 min blocks in between meetings, nothing important truly gets done - we call them dead blocks.

If you're a PM, you're an enabler and you need your meetings - but you also need time to think and gain+document clarity to give clarity. You need the down time to make sure you're not just running fast, but that you're actually running fast in the right direction!

If you're a developer, even one meeting placed in the middle of the day can completely destroy the flow because engineering needs a lot of continuous focus and attention time. A straight sitting of 3 hours can finish the task with more joy and perfection than 8 hours of distracted effort will do.

Aerotime automatically stacks your meetings together! It finds perfect times for new and old meetings and restructures the day for you and your team such that everyone gets maximum time to go deep in their own work, based on their job requirements. If you think this is interesting for you and your team, pause here and schedule a demo to figure out how Aerotime does it and try it for your team!

Trivial Distractions

Studies show that 80% of instant notifications are trivial - which means they could have waited! While continuous collaboration has its benefits, we've forgotten what it takes to go deep in your creative fields! As examples, engineering & design are like poetry, more time you spend in deep focus - better it gets.

Aerotime, (starting with Slack) smartly snoozes your messages from work channels when you're focusing deep in your work and also notifies others that you're in focus mode.


When we're constantly bombed with requests and they all seem equally important, it is so easy to lose clarity on what's truly important and aligned with your and company's goals.

Aerotime does two things here:

  1. Reactive: Aerotime makes it super easy to visualize where you're spending most of the time and recommend some key changes based on your goals, subtly nudge you everyday in the right direction. We also have team analytics where we streamline the day for the team as a whole with their working style.
  2. Proactive: Aerotime blocks time in advance for your key tasks and help you protect time for things that are truly important before your calendar is blocked away. Don't worry, we don't hog your calendar such that no one can book a meeting with you.

Become part of this journey, we're opening up for users as quickly as possible - join our waitlist!

Together, let's be effective and find our state of flow!

Piyush Narwani
Co-Founder, Aerotime.

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