Be Effective, Not Busy.

Automatically group your meetings together, creating time when there's none.
Prioritize important over urgent by proactively blocking time for your tasks, on your rules.

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Protect your time for what's important

Aerotime blocks desired number of hours per day for tasks that require deep thinking and uninterrupted time.

Club similar meetings together for minimal context switches

Aerotime automatically moves and clubs your meetings together reduce fragmented time. It works without onboarding your team as well.
Find out how.

80% of interruptions are trivial, let them wait.

Aerotime snoozes your slack notifications when you're doing deep work. It also lets others know that you're in focus mode.

Create new meetings.
3x faster, 3x smarter.

Aerotime automatically finds the best time to meet based on who's invited and minimizes on fragmented time for you and your team.

Actionable analytics on how you spend your time!

Find out where your flow breaks, what meetings are at inefficient times and exactly what changes will help you and your teammates work much more effectively.

user stories

How our users find the state of flow!

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Aerotime brought a lot of discipline to the way our teams were organizing the calendars in a day. It helped us save time and provided uninterrupted focus hours where the team members could focus on deep work that enabled us to move with a higher velocity.

Lijo Isac
VP Product at BYJU's

As a PM my whole day goes in meetings and I end up using post office hours for deep work. Love how Aerotime is helping me find 1.5 hours within office hours.

Saumya Dubey
Principal PM at Swiggy

In a horizontal role, getting bigger chunks of continuous focus times is a luxury. Aerotime does exactly that by scheduling meetings to cut down context switching.

Gopal Venkatesan
Sr Staff Engineer at LinkedIn

From Individuals to teams

Plans incorporate the use cases of individual and team productivity. Choose and upgrade as you go.

Free Forever
Paid Annually
Paid Annually
Scheduler (without one click booking)
Focus Hours
Color Coding
Todo Integration (only 10 tasks / week)
Personal Calendar Integration
New Meeting Creation (limited)
Scheduler (with one click booking)
Focus Hours
Color Coding (configurable)
Todo Integrations
Personal Calendar Integration
New Meeting Creation
Calendar Analytics
Scheduler with team automations
Focus Hours
Color Coding (configurable)
Todo Integrations
Personal Calendar Integration
New Meeting Creation
Calendar Analytics
One Click Team Meetings
Feedback Loop
Admin Recommended Templates
One-on-one automations
Team Flow Analytics

Integrated with tools you already know and love.


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